Tenancy Debts – from £65*

Sometimes getting your property back is not the end of the story. If a former tenant owes you money, you can take steps to obtain a County Court Judgment (‘CCJ’) and then enforce the CCJ to realise the debt owed.

Pre Action

Legal Letter – £65

If you are having problems recovering monies owed to you by your tenant following eviction, we can send them a letter which in most cases is enough to resolve the issue.

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Obtaining a CCJ

If your former tenant owes you money  (such as arrears of rent or for repairs to the property) we can help you take steps to recover what they owe you. The first step is obtaining a CCJ which we will sort out for you on a fixed-fee basis*.

Obtain a CCJ – up to £5,000

Obtain a CCJ – up to £10,000


*The fixed-fee depends upon the amount of the debt – £165 plus Court fee up to £5,000 and £310 plus Court fee up to £10,000. We can agree a fixed-fee, even if the claim is defended.

Enforcing a CCJ

If you already have a CCJ in place, we can also help you on a fixed-fee basis to enforce it (get your monies back) in the following ways:

Taking control of goods – £137**

This method allows a Court Bailiff to take your former tenant’s goods and sell them to pay off the debt they owe you.

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Attachment of Earnings Order – £191**

This Order instructs your former tenant’s employer to deduct monies direct from their pay towards the debt they owe you, their employer is required to do this by the Court.

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Third Party Debt Order – £686**

This Order freezes debts owed to your former tenant (normally their bank account) to allow those funds to be used to pay off the debt they owe to you.

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Charging Order – £736**

This Order puts a charge on your former tenant’s property so that they cannot sell it without paying the debt they owe to you.

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**plus Court fee